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Time Tracking Table in Mantis

3 July 2009

You want to track how much time you spend over the tasks? If you have Mantis installed and Time Tracking feature enabled - then you may find useful this mechanism.

It collects information all over the tasks and show it in one table.

You can select start and end periods, or you can show statistics per user.
By default only Administrator or Manager can see statistics of all users.
Users of lower access level may only check their own statistics

NOTE: Mantis 1.2 and later releases has built-in Time Tracking statistics, thus this module was not adapted for later versions.
Still, if you feel that you want to see some of the implemented features in newer Mantis releases - please let me know.

Time Tracking Table

You may download file here: Time Tracking Table v.1.0.2 (2009 Nov 14) (Tested for Mantis 1.1.8)

How to install:

  1. Install Mantis (www.mantisbt.org)
  2. Enable Time Tracking Feature in config_defaults_inc.php
     $g_time_tracking_enabled = ON;
  3. Set up minimal rights to view all users statistics in Time Tracking Table in config_inc.php
    # threshold for viewing all statistiks from timetracking table
    $g_timetracking_view_all_stats = MANAGER;
  4. Put file time_tracking_page.php in the root directory
  5. Access mechanism via link http://www.example.com/time_tracking_page.php
  6. Feel free to contact me in case of any questions, improvements, proposals.