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Role Theme Switcher

20 February 2009


Useful Drupal module to assign separate themes for different roles in system.

Often you want to separate Drupal administrative interface from front-end. You can do this assigning appropriate theme for you as user. What to do if you want to show different theme for non-authorized user?

Here's a module :-).

Version 6.x-1.4 (03 Jul 2009)

Version 5.x-2.0 (18 Jun 2008)

How to install:
  1. Download module Role Theme Switcher
  2. Unpack module into directory sites/all/modules/ into your Drupal installation. You will have Role Theme Switcher module into directory sites/all/modules/role_theme_switcher/
  3. Log into Drupal as administrator
  4. Go to Administer -> Site building -> Modules
  5. Set module Role Theme Switcher enabled and press button "Save Configuration"
  6. Now in menu Administer -> User management you have new option - Role Theme Switcher. Go there
  7. Now you can assign for each role appropriate theme. If you select Default theme for any role - it means that role will see a theme, set as default in Home->Administer->Site configuration->Themes
  8. The setting Home->Administer->Site configuration->Administration theme "Use administration theme for content editing" - if it is enabled, this setting overwrites the Role Theme Switcher behavior. So probably you would like to disable "Use administration theme for content editing" setting.
    Role Theme Switcher consciously do not overwrite "Use administration theme for content editing" - if something can be done via Drupal interface just disabling the checkbox, it should be done there.


Drupal Theme Switcher

Drupal module for theme switching

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