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Tiutiun Serghei, M.Sc
Mob: (+1 514) 570-4738
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
E-Mail: tiutiun@gmail.com

Telecharger resume FR ICI
References and full list of projects provided on demand


Programming Languages PHP, HTML+CSS, JavaScript + DOM
Databases MySQL, SQLite
PHP Libraries Smarty, JPGraph, ADODB
Technologies Ajax, XML-RPC, PayPal
Assemblers 80x86
Telecommunication protocols TCP/IP, UDP
Port protocols RS232
Soft Dreamweaver, Photoshop, ZEND
Languages French, English, Russian and Romanian
Knowledge on the basic level Perl, C, bash + awk + sed
Other skills System administration: Linux, office/hosting paltforms

Work of projects manager means that I can and I do work of every worker in technological chain, starting with contact with client and project analytic and ending with programming and testing of final product.
Main skills that shows me as a specialist are: fast and clear understanding of client's business, his wishes and requirements.
My current domain of work are solutions in Internet-media.

Besides my main work domain I have skills of other professions:
  • Programmer (JavaScript + HTML + PHP + MySQL)
  • System administrator (administration of hosting-platforms)
  • Tester (I do testing of all the elaborated mechanisms)
  • Support (Technical support of clients)
  • HTML-coding
In web-business almost all personnel is implicated into the work over project, that is why for a worker it is desired to have basic knowledge of every stage of life of the project, starting with writing Technical Requirements on the project and ending with its testing. Manager has to has posibility to substitute, if needed, every specialist – it means that he has to have idea about every ring in the chain.


2007-2009 Web projects manager
Information Society Development Institute, Chisinau, Moldova
2006-2007 Web-developer
IQ-Labs S.a.r.l., Chisinau, Moldova
10/2005 – 04/2006 Professor, courses "Linux" and "Network security"
Technical University of Moldova, European Magistracy in cadre of project "Tempus".
05/2003 – 10/2006 Projects manager
Company ”WebArt Studio” (Web-Design Studio).
07/2002 – 05/2003 Engineer
Technical University of Moldova, cathedra "Microelectronics and Semiconductor Devices".


12/2005 Linux Professional Institute – world’s Linux certification.
Certificate LPI level 1 (Exams LPI 101 and LPI 102).
ID: LPI000098309
08/2002 – 08/2003 Technical University of Moldova, Chisinau, Moldova.
Magistracy: "Network administration and security"
07/1997 – 06/2002 Technical University of Moldova, Chisinau, Moldova.
Subjects: microchips developing and producing, operating systems, program packets of simulating semiconductor devices (PSPICE), program packets of simulating technological operations in producing integrated circuits (LASI), etc.
Cathedra: Microelectronics and Semiconductor Devices
Specialty: Medical microelectronics
Professors: T. Shishianu (Semiconductor Devices), S. Shishianu (Medical Microelectronics), V. Trofim (Technology of Hybrid Circuits)
The theme of the diploma: Interface Computer-Sensor
Note: 10


07/2007 – Present Drupal modules contributor: Role Theme Switcher
07/2006 – 08/2006 http://www.gorilla-projekt.de – amusing on-line site. Analytics, management, implementation (including back-office), testing.
05/2006 – 07/2006 http://www.m-broker.de - car leasing company. Analytics, ideas, implementation, testing.
05/2003 – 03/2006 "WebArt Studio". During my work I took part in more than 30 projects.
I will describe the following works:

http://mdi.gov.md - Department of Informational Technologies in Moldova (number of pages exceeds 1000).
Control, testing.

http://www.scers.md – Strategy of Economical Growth of Moldova (grant of World Bank).
Control, management, testing.

http://www.nefis.md – Factory of sweets and confectionary foods.
Analytic, management, control, testing.

http://www.shopcamelia.com – E-Shop.
(4 types of payment, including payment by credit cards over Internet – freezing, backorders, authorisation, system of orders monitoring).
Control, testing.

http://www.mcgc.ru – Golf-club.
(Huge amount of mechanisms, back and front office, authorisation).
Ideas, control, testing.

http://www.gorilla-projekt.de/game/ - Flash-game.
Analytic, management, ideas, control, testing.

http://www.fincombank.com - One of moldavian leading banks.
Part of mechanisms: management, implementation and testing.

http://conf.micb.md – Interbank conference, being organized every year by moldavian bank MoldIndConBank.
Management, implementation, testing.

Intranet site of Voxtel – the biggest operator of mobile connection in Moldova.
Analytic, management, ideas, control, testing.
10/2005 – Present NGO "Centre Linux et Logiciel Libre pour le Développement"
One of the founders. Activity: popularisation of free software.
01/2003 – Present NGO "Infogroup"
One of the founders. Activity: ISP (Wireless and DSL). Hard and soft solutions, marketing solutions, ideas. Area: Chisinau city.


04/2006 "How to build your business on Free Software" for conference "Journee du logiciel libre". http://www.tiutiun.com/articles/business-sur-logiciel-libre
UTM, 14 Apr 2006.
01/2006 Sociological online survey "Moldova-2005. Year statement".
ULIM, 30 Jan 2006


Languages: Well, I study languages not only for itself, but also I successfully use them in practice.

Psychology: Art of communication, neuron-linguistic programming.

Sport: I understand that sport is not one of the priority hobbies upon entering the work, but I consider that sport occupations, they contribute to the development of good qualities, it is started to achieve the assigned goal. Once a year I do organize a tour with my friends across other countries: bike tour, mountains tour, sometimes it can be boats.